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Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Pastor Zamo

 Tuesday, January 26, 2016

“But Jesus [immediately], having heard the word spoken, says to the ruler of the synagogue, Fear not; only believe.” MARK 5:36 DARBY.

On the above verse, Jesus is responding to the crisis (death of a child) of the synagogue ruler (Jewish Leader), Jairus. This man, Jairus was a teacher of the religious law that the Jews followed, contrary to the doctrines of Jesus Christ, but immediately he heard that his daughter was sick to the point of death, he realized that there was a man by the name of Jesus who was teaching in the synagogue that they ignored and accused for blasphemy. Now when Jesus is gone and crossed over the sea, after teaching and performing many miracles in the synagogue, Jairus decided to leave his position and step into faith and run to the Master for help. Mark 5:21-24.

I want you to notice these few things about the man Jairus’ situation: He is a teacher and the leader of the religious law of the Jews but he had to breach it to save his daughter’s life; He insulted Jesus when He was preaching and healing people at the synagogue and accused Him for blasphemy; He himself now realizes after seeing that her daughter is now reported to being sick to the point of death that the same Jesus can save the life of the daughter; He himself must now face the accusations from his fellow Jewish followers for consulting “the one whom calls Himself and claims to be the Son of God”. You can clearly see that there was a lot in the man’s mind and seemed to be very confused. Notice this: Although he was confused but he overcame fear by leaving his place and run to Jesus; he kneeled and cried before the Master; even though he received the message from his servants that he must not trouble Jesus anymore because the girl is dead but he ignored the words of man and took heed to the word of the Lord.

When Jesus attended to his crisis he said fear not; but only believe: This statement does not mean that Jairus had no faith in Jesus because if he had no faith in Him he was not going to run to Him for help but He simply meant if you can believe (when I say your daughter is not dead even though she is dead, she can come back to life), all things are possible to him who believes. Mark 9:23. If you want Jesus to also attend to your case, consent your domicile of comfort and people and run to Him believing that He will make you whole. Ignore the word of man and take heed to the word of God and He will make you whole. The child was literally dead but faith reversed the irreversible situation (the dead child back to life), “Talitha cumi” little girl rise up. It’ might be hard with you but not with Jesus that’s how easy Jairus received his miracle! What is your situation today? Fear not; only believe!


John 11:40; Mark 9:23; Mark :21-24; Luke 18:27; Luke 17:19


Dear Lord Jesus, just like you helped the Jewish leader, Jairus, please help me now. Attend to my case now. Reverse the irreversible in my situation right now in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray! It is done! Thank you Lord it is done! I declare that every dead thing concerning my life is rising up right now in Jesus name!


Joshua 16 – 20

Extract from The Messenger Angel, daily devotional,




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