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Friday, February 26, 2016


Pastor Zamo

 Friday, February 26, 2016

 (Joshua 5:2, 6-9)

 The first real mention of Gilgal in the bible is when God divided the river Jordan to let the children of Israel crossover to the promise land. When they were in the middle of the river the Lord spoke to Joshua and commanded him to pick twelve precious stones as monument that will remind the future generations that He is a Living God (Joshua 4:19-24). Gilgal was the first stop for the Israelites before they entered the promise land and this is where Joshua set up these stones as monument.

 On our opening scripture above, God gives another instruction to Joshua to make flint knives and circumcise the Israelites again (v.2). Notice these two important adverbs: circumcise which means to cut-off forth skin; giving the first one tenth of your life to God as a living sacrifice; dying to oneself and entering into the covenant with God. Again means the renewal of the covenant, the old covenant contains too much grief as it was made in the land of Egypt (incarceration); another covenant is made which means the renewal of the primary covenant.

 As a child of God you must die to yourself first before you can become the real follower of Jesus Christ, you must be separated from your past. You cannot become a real follower of Christ if you are not a real follower of a man who follows Christ. Allow God to use the flint knife to separate you from your past. You cannot enter into the promise land with your past attitudes of failure and defeat. You need to die one more time. Gilgal is your opportunity to renew your covenant with God. Remember that He is a covenant keeping God.

 Canaan land is a place flowing with milk and honey (a place of more than enough, abundance). As a champion, you enter into a New Covenant with God to make a vow that as you enter into the promise land you will not forget Him as your God because it is Him who empowered you to prosper; it is Him who brought you out of Egypt and placed you in Canaan. Gilgal is a place of a living sacrifice, the sacrifice that is connected one’s life. There is no short cut to Canaan, the journey starts in Gilgal.


 O Lord, I declare and I decree that I shall follow my man of God as he follows Christ and that my Gilgal is in him as he is the one who teaches me to die into myself in order to inherit a god-self life; to live a new life, the life of a brand new man in Christ. Lord please identify my Gilgal now, the sacrifice that I must offer unto you that is connected to my life that will make my heart to forever cling into you in Jesus name.




Romans 12:1; Exodus 3:17; Colossians 1:13; Deuteronomy 8:18



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