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Saturday, April, 02, 2016


Saturday, April, 02, 2016

Now Joseph had a dream, and he told it to his brothers; and they hated him even more(Genesis 37:5 NKJV).

If you know where you are going in life, you don't waste time by concentrating on the things that you come across on your way because you understand that it is not yet your intended address. When you have a dream, your daily catastrophic trials will comfort you to press forward. They will keep you humbled at all times because they are an opposite of your future coming glory(Rom 8:18).

Your dream will create enmity between you and even those whom you regard as your closest buddies. A poor man is not a man who don't have money but a man without a dream. Our opening verse tells us that Joseph had a dream even though he was a shepherd at the time but his dream carried him to his point of destination; to his point of power and authority over the resources.

His brothers plotted to kill him (Vv. 19-22) but his dream protected him from premature death (Psam 125:1; 27:13) . God's Spirit dwels in our dreams because our dreams are inspired by Him and they carry our future glory. In short our dreams are our address. If you don't have an address you don't have a home, you stay everywhere.

Even in the dry pit your dream will still sustain you. Even if they tear your tunic of many colours and sell you out to your enemies but your dreams will secure you and push you forward to your promise land. Never stop dreaming. Even if they cast you into prison and incarcerate you without a cause, don't lose focus just pray and praise the Lord (Acts 16:25). Know where you are going, have a dream, that's all that you need for God to be on your rescue.


Dear Lord Jesus please make me dreamer like Joseph. Show me dreams and visions. Let them not vacate from my mind and motivate me to keep dreaming in Jesus name. I declare and decree that all my dreams shall come to pass.


Genesis 37; Acts 2:17


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